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Teacher on Lifetoolbox platform is to provide high-quality educational content and effective teaching to students. As an teacher, you will have a range of responsibilities, including:

  1. Become A Teacher : teachers must first apply to become teachers on schools within Lifetoolbox platform. The application process involves providing personal information, educational background, and references.

  2. Invite Students : Once you are accepted as an teacher, you can invite your student to join your school.

  3. Manage Courses : Teachers create and manage courses on their school under Lifetoolbox platform. You will develop instructional materials, set assignment deadlines, grade assignments, and provide feedback to students.

  4. Manage Referrals: The platform may offer an affiliate program where teachers can earn extra income by referring new students. teachers are responsible for managing their affiliate account, tracking referrals, and withdrawing funds.

  5. Payment Reports: Teachers will have access to various reports that provide insights into their course’s performance and revenue. You can track student enrollment, completion rates, and payment history.

  6. Withdraw Earnings: Once an teacher has earned revenue from their courses or affiliate programs, they can withdraw their earnings through the platform’s payment system.

  7. Personal Settings: Teachers can customize their profile, set preferences, and manage their account settings.

Overall, the role of an teacher on their school under Lifetoolbox platform is to help students acquire new skills and knowledge in a supportive online environment. The responsibilities require a combination of teaching experience, management skills, and technical proficiency.