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As a school on Lifetoolbox platform, you have administrative access to the platform and are responsible for managing user accounts, courses, and revenue. Your role includes:

  1. User Management: You can invite and set a role for user accounts, including students and instructors.

  2. Review Become A Teacher: When someone applies to become an instructor, you will review their application and decide whether to accept or reject it.

  3. Review Enroll Course: You can review students’ enrollment in courses to ensure they meet any prerequisites and have paid their tuition fees.

  4. Manage Courses: You are responsible for managing all the courses offered by your school. This includes creating new courses, updating existing ones, and archiving outdated courses.

  5. Review Courses Publish: Before publishing a course, you can review its content to ensure quality and accuracy.

  6. Manage Affiliate: You can manage the affiliate program, which allows instructors to earn extra revenue by referring new students to the platform.

  7. Page Builder: You can manage the school’s landing page, including design, content, and layout.

  8. Payment Report: You can generate payment reports to track revenue earned through course fees and affiliate commissions.

  9. Withdraw Payment: You can withdraw revenue earned by the school through the platform’s payment system.

  10. Subscription Plan: You can set up subscription plans for students, which allow them to access multiple courses for a monthly or yearly fee.

  11. Manage Slider: You can manage sliders on the school’s landing page, highlighting featured courses or promotions.

  12. School Settings: You can customize the school’s settings, including branding, email notifications, and security settings.

  13. Personal Information: You can update your personal information, such as your name, email address, and password.

Overall, as a school on Lifetoolbox platform, your role is to ensure the smooth operation of the platform and provide high-quality educational content to students. You need a combination of management skills, technical knowledge, and instructional design expertise to succeed in this role.